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The Genius of Da Vinci

I've always been fascinated with the Renaissance ever since I took European history as a subject in the university. In the major museums that I've been to, such as the Met Museum and the St. Louis Art Museum , the Renaissance section is where I usually linger the most. It is where I rediscover  the paintings, architecture, technology, history and the personalities behind the great cultural movement.  One of those figures that stand out the most was Leonardo da Vinci, the 15th century Italian polymath whose paintings, sculptures, inventions, and ideas epitomized that era of intellectual growth and discovery. Incidentally, I was able to finish watching the TV series Da Vinci's Demons , which further piqued my fascination with the genius. So when I heard that the Mind Museum , the newest science museum in Metro Manila I made a mental note to see it as soon as I can.  Da Vinci's parachute and flying wing I was finally able to go to the museum this weekend