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Gadget Review: DJI Spark Drone

One of my quibble about my DJI Phantom 3 drone is its size and portability. When carried in its own case, the quadcopter could be as bulky as the  allowed carry-on in airplanes. This could be a pain when traveling, as I would be carrying two backpacks with me.  The Phantom 3 also takes some time to set up - installing the propellers, the RC remote, and the app in the tablet or phone. The boot up sequence, including finding the GPS fix, could also be lengthy. I love my Phantom, I think it's a great drone, but sometimes I wish I had a smaller drone that's easy to pack and carry when traveling. The DJI Spark in its carrying case With the release of the DJI Spark, I think my prayers were answered. The Spark is the newest drone from DJI, the same maker of the Phantom series. What's so distinctive about Spark is its size - about the size of a smartphone - making it perfect for traveling. I got mine as soon as they're available in the Philippines.  See t