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Changdeokgung, or Changdeok Palace, is the first UNESCO World Heritage site that I visited in South Korea, and my ninth overall.  The palace, located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, is constructed in 1405 by the Joseon dynasty, which ruled  Korea for five centuries, starting in the 14th century. It was initially built to function as a secondary one, but its role eventually got more important to the royalty. The palace grounds It was late in the afternoon when I arrived at the 45-hectare complex; I had difficulty navigating and decoding the subway map at first. It was also starting to get cold, according to Google Now the temp when I was there was 1°C but felt like -1°C due to wind chill factor. I find it hard to take pictures; either I fumble with the gloves on, or my fingers feel like freezing whenever I take them off to click the shutter. Winter in the palace There weren't a lot of visitors when I was there, maybe on the account that it was in the middle of winter. Th

Indoor Climbing in Manila

Indoor climbing is a rock climbing activity done on artificial structures. The climbing walls are usually constructed of brick, steel or wood, with shaped grips, called climbing holds, attached to the wall. Belaying devices, which are designed to prevent climbers from falling, are attached at various points on top of the wall. Specialized shoes are recommended for climbing, and climber may use powdered chalk to prevent sweaty hands and fingers.   Wall climbing, as it is also known, is a new sport for me, so I am still a noob for this. I've tried it once during my PE college but that was too long ago I forgot all about it. I was recently reintroduced to it and so far I've done it on two sites in Metro Manila. I will add to the list below as I try the other sites. Climb Central Manila This facility is actually the most ideal for me as it is located centrally, in the Greenfield district, just across Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. The facility is huge too