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Jungle Canopy Walk in Ranau, Sabah

I felt a slight bout of vertigo as I tentatively stepped on the swaying walkway - made of wood and rope - suspended on the forest canopy. I normally do not have any problem with heights, but I paused for a few seconds until the dizziness was gone, and I continued walking, each step making the bridge sway.  A hanging bridge The canopy walkway, hanging about 100 feet from the ground, enables us to explore the rainforest - mostly composed of dipterocarps and fruit trees like marang and breadfruit - around us. This particular canopy walk that me and my UP friends visited this August is located in Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve, in the outskirts of Kinabalu Park, in Ranau town, about three hours from Kota Kinabalu, which is the capital of Sabah state of Malaysia.  A dipterocarp. Looks like a fractal Going to the canopy walkways is about half an hour hike from the main entrance of the complex. We skipped the hot springs as it was noontime and very humid, and th

Surfing in Urbiztondo, San Juan

A video posted by BoardingGate101 (@boarding_gate101) on Sep 26, 2015 at 7:56pm PDT Update: We were able to surf in San Juan again last weekend. The waves weren't so large but it was still fun. I was also able to field test my new toy - a Sony ActionCam (I will be doing a review for it soon). I realized it's hard to do a selfie while surfing; that's the main takeaway for that (see clip above). There is also a big change to San Juan Surf Resort, which where I usually stay when I go surf. They really spiffied up the place, with additional rooms and a new restaurant. I still see the same faces of instructors, though, which is good. I saw Joel, who was teaching me how to surf for the longest time, and I gave him my Nev surfboard. I think he was happy. Trying the stand up paddling I was also tried stand up paddling. It's much harder than it looks, and I gave up after 30 minutes and went back to the regular long board. I still have diffi