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Malalison Island Escapade

If you're sick of the maddening crowds of Boracay, then this island is for you. No night life, pub crawls and tranny shows, no overzealous hawkers shoving trinkets to your face every three paces. Nothing but pure, unadulterated island life. I am talking, of course, of Malalison Island. The island, as seen from my drone Malalison (or Mararison for the locals) is a small island located at the northeast side of Panay Island, facing Sulu Sea, in the Philippines. It is part of the town of Culasi, and it has only been appearing in the radar of travelers recently. The island is populated by a few hundred families, mostly fishermen. The beach in Malalison We - me and my friends from the university - began our adventure to the island with a plane ride to Kalibo (also the gateway to Boracay), and a two-hour ride in a passenger van to the town of Culasi. From the port we then took a motorized banca to the island, the trip  of which took around half an hour.