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F1nale: The Last F1 Race in Malaysia

On and off I have been following Formula One Grand Prix since the last decade. Back when I had cable (now I have Netlifx) I would dutifully tune in on Star Sports on weekends to watch the fast-paced action of race cars zipping by the tracks. Seven years ago I was also able to attend one race - the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang.

Seven years later I was back in Sepang - not just to see the race again in real life, but also as a witness in history. The year 2017 is the last year the F1 will be conducted in Malaysia. I made plans to attend it as soon as I heard that such will be the last in SIC.

The Malaysian Grand Prix was first held in 1999, in the Sepang International Circuit, just a stone's throw away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Aside from the F1, the 5.5 kilometer-long Sepang Circuit also hosted other motorsport events, including the Motorcycle Grand Prix, MotoGP,  and kart racing, among others.
I flew into KL on September 28, arriving in the capital past midnight.…