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F1nale: The Last F1 Race in Malaysia

On and off I have been following Formula One Grand Prix since the last decade. Back when I had cable (now I have Netlifx) I would dutifully tune in on Star Sports on weekends to watch the fast-paced action of race cars zipping by the tracks. Seven years ago I was also able to attend one race - the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. Cars turning at the Langkawi curve Seven years later I was back in Sepang - not just to see the race again in real life, but also as a witness in history. The year 2017 is the last year the F1 will be conducted in Malaysia. I made plans to attend it as soon as I heard that such will be the last in SIC. View from the K1 Grandstand of Sepang International Circuit The Malaysian Grand Prix was first held in 1999, in the Sepang International Circuit, just a stone's throw away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Aside from the F1, the 5.5 kilometer-long Sepang Circuit also hosted other motorsport events, including the Mo