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Gadget Review: Phantom 3 Standard Drone

I have a new gadget in my travel toolbox - something that can give me a different perspective when looking at the places I am visiting. That gadget, if we can call it that, is the DJI Phantom 3 drone.  The Phantom 3 is a quadcopter-type aerial unmanned autonomous vehicle. Powering the x-shaped drone are four rotors, which drive the propellers. It is battery-powered and is controlled via a radio remote control. Flying it in Puka Beach Features The drone has a satellite navigation module (receiving signals from GPS and Glonass satellites) that enables it to get its bearing. It also has a visual positioning system that it uses for landing, which comes handy especially when you lose contact with the drone and its return-to-home mechanism kicks in. The GPS module also made it easy for the aircraft to hover  in the air automatically, even when you let go of the controller.  Inside its carrying hard case backpack Camera The camera of the model I have, the St