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Where to Eat in St. Louis

St. Louis is a big place, and there are literally hundreds of places where to grab a bite. Here are my top ten recommendations, from steaks to seafood. I tried to keep the list varied, and the price of recommended meals around or less than $25. Pappy's Smokehouse  This place is definitely not for vegetarians. If you're hankering for barbequed ribs, then this popular joint is for you. Adam Richman of the popular series Man Vs. Food even visited this place to try out the ribs. I was brought here by my officemates for lunch and it was one of the best tasting ribs I've tried. A full slab with 2 sides costs $21.99, a platter of pulled pork with 2 sides is $10.99. You need to come early if you want to get lunch here though, the lines start forming around 11 am. Located in 3106 Olive Street, near downtown. Sushi at Nobu's Nobu's If you're craving for authentic Japanese in this Midwestern city, then Nobu's is the pla

In Pictures: Museum of Comparative Zoology

The Museum of Comparative Zoology, formally known as Louis Agassiz Museum of Comparative Zoology, is one unique place to see all the unusual animals, extinct or otherwise. The  museum is one of the three museums comprising the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the other being the University Herbaria and the Harvard Mineralogical Museum.  Located inside the grounds of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the museum has about 21 million specimen collected over the years, including samples gathered by Charles Darwin, George Washington and Captain Cook [ 1 ]. I visited the museum with my friends Joan and Ian during my trip to Cambridge last winter, and we'll revisit it again in this week's In Pictures . Head of a triceratops, and the kronosaur at the background As mentioned in my previous post, the museum's main draw is the 50-foot skeleton of a carnivorous reptile called kronosaur. However impressive the kronosaur's size is, it is not a din

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

Continuing my series of featuring notable museums in Metro Manila, I visited today one that is actually just near where I live, the Jorge B. Vargas Museum. It is located inside the campus of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. A big part of the museum's collection was bequeathed by Jorge B. Vargas, who used to serve as the executive secretary of Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon. Vargas, who later became the mayor of Manila when it was declared an open city during the occupation of the Japanese in World War II, donated his art collection, stamps, coins, papers and memorabilia to the university. The collection was later expanded, which now has the largest collection of Philippine masters outside of the National Museum. One of the galleries in Vargas Museum I met up with my friend +Nyel O'yek    when I went there. It was a great experience having her with me because she, as an art studies graduate of the university, was discussing with me the period