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Flowboarding and Bodyboarding in Flowhouse Manila

I was happy to know that, finally, there's a flowboarding facility near Metro Manila. I tried flowboarding in Sentosa a few years back and I wanted to give it another go. At least there's one nearby now, which saves the trouble of flying to Singapore just to ride one.
The facility is called Flow House Manila, and it is located in Bacoor, in the outskirts of the metropolis. They recently just opened in April 2015 and I've been planning to check it out. I invited my friend James to drive there on a weekend. 

Flowboarding, or flowriding, is riding a small board, almost similar in shape to a wakeboard or a skateboard sans the wheels. In a sense it combines surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding in one. More advanced riders can do tricks like carving and 

A variation is bodyboarding, which instead of using a stand-up board, you ride in a foam bodyboard in prone and kneeling position.  

You ride on artificial waves created by rushing water that is pumped  - at about 30,000 gallons a…

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