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Space Needle, Seattle

I love Googie architecture - the retro-futuristic movement influenced by the Space Age, the Atomic Age and cars blending together to create a whimsical form. Think Jetsons and Jimmy Neutron. Or Futurama. Along with the Theme Building in Los Angeles International Airport , the the most notable example of this architecture - also known as Ray-Gun Gothic - is the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. I had the chance to visit Seattle during my second trip to the US this year, and I spent a weekend in the city before I flew to Manila from St Louis. The Space Needle was one of the landmarks that I checked out. Aside from my interest to its unique architecture it also coincided with my sort of tradition - visiting the highest structure of the city I am in, so it's a twofer. Movie buff may also identify the landmark in movies such as Chronicle , Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me , and of course, Sleepless in Seattle .  The Space Needle and the Seattle skyline at night, ta