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Museum of Sex

During a visit to New York in July I was able to check out one of the most unique, and blush-inducing museums in the city - the Museum of Sex, aka MoSex. I visited it right after visiting another NY landmark, the Flatiron Building, which is nearby. The museum, which opened in 2002, aims to "preserve and preserve the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality." It covers the gamut of subcultures and preferences pertaining to the subject, including gay and lesbian, BDSM, pornography, and erotic photography. Because of its explicit nature, only visitors aged 18 and above can visit the museum.  There were several floors in the museum, each covering a particular subject. On the second floor the display was about the evolution of erotica and pornography throughout history, which is an interesting subject, as you don't get to see it covered in the academe (perhaps Anthropology 187, Sex and Culture, in UP Diliman, but that class was always ful