Celebrate Halloween, Underwater

Wanna do something creepy and unique to do for the Halloween? How about snorkeling over the Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin, Philippines? 

The cemetery, marked by a huge cross built over an island, is located 20 feet below the sea. It sunk under in 1871, when the nearby Mt. Vulcan erupted, inundating the nearby town and church, the ruins of which are still there. You can actually see the headstones and graves underwater when you swim and snorkel over it, with corals growing among them. Passing through a cold thermocline while descending would make the whole experience more chilling and will bring up the eerie factor by two-fold. Bobbing for apples wouldn't be as exciting after you've done this one. 

How to get there: The sunken cemetery is in Catarman town [how to go to Camiguin, here]. The local taxis can take you to the jetty where you can hire boats and guides that will take you to the cross via an outrigger. You can start snorkeling as soon as you dock. 


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