Singapore Cable Car

If you're done doing the cool stuff, like flowboarding, or lazing around in an artificial beach, one more thing to do in Sentosa is ride in the cable car. The system links the main island to the resort island,  spanning over Keppel Harbour. It is reputed to be the first cable car system to span a harbour.

The ride starts at the Imba Lookout point in Sentosa Island, and goes all the way to the main island, to the top of Mount Faber, a 105-meter high hill. The ride terminates at the Jewel Box, a swanky restaurant at the top of the hill. 

A roundtrip costs $SG 26, and it comes with a free muffin and coffee at the Jewel Box. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booths around Sentosa. 

by Kin Enriquez


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