The Guns of Corregidor

Corregidor, the island that's guarding the mouth of Manila Bay, is not called  a fortress island for nothing - it's armed to the teeth. The United States spent hundreds of millions of dollars fortifying its defenses just before World War II. In fact, it and 3 other islands in the Bay (Caballo, El Fraile and Carabao Island), plus Grande Island in Subic Bay in the north, constitute the harbor defences of Manila and Subic.

Scattered all over the island are 23 batteries of heavy artillery and howitzers - named after US servicemen - such as Battery Crockett and Battery Geary. These batteries are self-contained structures with 14-inch anti-ship artillery and their own magazines and ammunition stores.

Some of these batteries were destroyed, such as this one below, which suffered a direct hit from a Japanese bomber.

When the Japanese took over the island, they also installed weapons, including this anti-aircraft gun, below.

How to get there: Suncruises offers a day trip to the island, for PhP1990, via a 1.5-hr ferry ride. Package includes transport, entrance fees, guided tour and buffet lunch. A tour inside the Malinta Tunnel would cost PhP 150 extra. An overnight stay in the island's only hotel is an additional PhP500. 

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originally published in by Kin Enriquez


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