Air Passenger Bill of Rights

The Philippine government, through the Department of Transportation and Communications and the Department of Trade and Industry, recently issued the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. The highlights:

• Right to full, fair, and clear disclosure of the service offered and all the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage. Disclosure includes documents required to be presented at check-in, provision for check-in deadlines, refund and rebooking policies, and procedures and responsibility for delayed and/or cancelled flights.

• Right to clear and non-misleading advertisement of, and important reminders regarding fares

• Right against misleading and fraudulent sales promotion

• Right to Transportation and baggage conveyance

• Right to be processed for check-in. Passengers within the air carrier's cordoned or other designated check-in area
one hour before the published ETD shall not be considered late or no-show. Air carrier must present proof that the passenger failed to appear within the prescribed time. 

• Right to sufficient processing time. Air carriers operating in international airports shall open the check-in counters at least 2 hours before ETD, 1 hour on normal airports. 

• Right to board the aircraft for the purpose of the flight

Right to compensation and amenities in case of cancellation of flight.

• Right to compensation and amenities in case of flight delay. Passengers, after a terminal delay of at least 3 hours after the ETD, should be provided with refreshments or meals, free phone calls and first aid, and to be able to rebook or refund his ticket. 

• Flight is deemed canceled if the terminal delay is 6 hours after the ETD. 
• Food and beverage shall be provided in case of tarmac delay of at least 2 hours after the ETD.

• Checked baggage fees and other optional service fees shall be refunded if the passenger did not use his ticket provided that the said ticket is refundable and that the passenger is not at fault.

• Right to compensation for delayed, lost and damaged luggage. A compensation of PhP 2000 for every 24 hours of non-delivery of baggage. A fraction of 24 hours is considered one day. Baggage fees should also be refunded if baggage is not delivered to the passenger within 24 hours from arrival of flight. 

• Right to compensation in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger. 

• Right to immediate payment of compensation

The Air Passenger Bill of Rights was approved in December 10, 2012 and will be effective 10 days after publication. 



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