Year of the Snake

Despite being bullied by its northern neighbor, the Philippines still celebrate the Chinese New Year, as the country has a substantial population of Chinese descent (including my paternal grandfather). 

To welcome the Year of the Snake (seems apt, considering what China is doing to steal our islands) on the lunar new year, Filipino-Chinese would celebrate with fireworks and parades - complete with dancing dragons and lions to ward off evil spirits and attract good luck. These are done in the Chinatown, in villages with large Filipino-Chinese population, and in the malls.

Trinkets made from semi-precious stones and gold plating are also bought and kept, to attract good health and fortune. Gifts are also exchanged, mostly either money contained in red envelops called ang pao, or boxes of sticky glutinous rice pudding called tikoy

So, Gong Xi Fa Ca everyone, even to our neighbor on the north. Just keep off Kalayaan Islands and Bajo de Masinloc, OK? Those islands are ours. 


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