In Pictures: White Beach, Boracay

I was travelling in the past few weeks so I missed posting to the In Pictures section of this blog. This week's return would be apt I think, as the temperatures in the metropolis is going to the roof (high thirties), and  what's the best way to cool off than heading to the beach? White Beach in Boracay, perhaps?

Blue-sailed paraws crowding the beach front
One of the best known and popular beaches in the the country, White Beach in Boracay is always on the must-visit list of beach lovers.

A kid builds his sand castle, oblivious to the world around him
The six-kilometer long beach, of sugary-fine white sand, offers plenty of things for you to do if you get bored of its beauty. You can skimboard, sail, jetski, sail in a paraw, get a massage and a tattoo or two, or, tune out the rest of humanity and build your own castle in the sand.

Perfect place to work on your tan
You can also join some random group to play beach soccer or Frisbee, or just take a stroll and let your feet take you wherever they fancy.

Perfect place to go for a stroll
Or go chill out with a piña colada in a beachfront bar, after watching the most spectacular sunset that you can see on this side of the world.

For more exhaustive ramblings on White Beach, check out this post. Enjoy the summer!


  1. The famous White beach is so tempting! So beautiful and clean! It won't be the most famous beach in Boracay for nothing! :)


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