Dreaming of Aruba

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As a beach goer there are several islands around the world that are on my bucket list - the places I would like to go to where I can frolic in its the wonderful beaches and experience the ultimate in beach bumming. One of those islands is in the exotic Carribbean - Aruba.

Located in the tourquise Carribean Sea in Lesser Antilles, Aruba, I imagine, is a beach lover's dream. The island is thirty-three kilometers long. The west coast of the island has a seven-mile stretch of white sand beaches. 

Most of the beach activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, and parasailing are in the west coast , so this is the area which I'd probably explore first. I've always wanted to use my PADI license in exotic locales, and Aruba would definitely fit in that requirement. The west coast beaches are also full of pier bars, bistros and pubs. These places would be perfect for relaxing after spending the day exploring the island. More beaches are located in the southern coast of the island too.

I would also like to explore the less populated and more secluded beached in the windward coasts to the north and east of the island. Here the tradewinds are stronger, but the beaches are accentuated by limestone cliffs and formations, with hidden coves waiting to be explored. The places here would be perfect if I need to get some alone time and relax with just me and nature, away from the hustle and busle of the west coast. These would make Aruba travel a great experience for me indeed.

If Aruba is also in your bucket list, please check out aruba.com for more information on how to get there and what other things to find and do there. Also please share in the comments section what you like about Aruba!

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  1. I wonder if the sand is powder-fine. Looks like it in the photo, though. :)

  2. looks like white beach in Boracay...


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