Live Blog: Trip to California & Mexico, Day 1

Hi guys! I will be embarking on a two week trip to California and Mexico starting tomorrow and I decided to do a sort of live blog my activities in the fortnight. As the usual live blogs go, the post on top are the most recent, indicated by a timestamp and also the location (update frequency would depend on WiFi access, but I'll try to write them and upload them as soon as I'm able). Hope you can accompany me in my trip by checking out my updates here.

6:00 pm PST, The Fisherman's Wharf
I took the cable car all the way from Powell to the Fisherman's Wharf, and I visited a number of places there. There's the Musee Mecanique,  a museum for mechanical arcade games dating back to the 1800s, the submarine USS Pompanito, the Ghirardelli Square (yes, the chocolate brand, and the original store is here), and the San Francisco National Maritime Park, which displays real, historical boats along the pier.

I also ate an early dinner here, crab cakes and clam chowder, at a restaurant called Sabella & La Torre.  The meal was delicious. 

12:36 pm PST, Westfield San Francisco Center
Just exploring downtown San Francisco, after getting a meal at a burger joint. Went to T-Mobile to get a prepaid SIM with data. Got an international travelers SIM for $10, with a $60 monthly plan. It's unlimited call and text, and I think the 2.6Gb data will last for month.

10 am PST, SF International Hostel
Took the BART to downtown and got to my hostel in a jiffy. Checked in, had a shower and will head out for lunch.

So far I am liking San Francisco.

8:59 am PST, 02-19-2014, San Francisco International Airport
Just passed through immigration.  We landed about an hour ago and it took a while to get through border control, long lines and all. It was OK though. I was given 6 months stay here.

Now off to find that BART train to Powell station, which is nearest to my hostel.

1:05 pm JST, Narita International Airport
I will be boarding in about 15 minutes for a 10-hr flight to San Francisco. Our flight will be on a Boeing 767. This is my first time to fly in this plane.

This will be my last post for now. I will be in San Francisco when I next update.

2:00 pm JST, Narita International Airport 
I actually tried using a shower room which they rent out in the airport. I felt a bit icky after using one of their high tech toilets and I wanted to freshen up a bit. It was a bit pricey though, ¥500 for 30 minutes, but for that price I'd feel comfortable while in a 10-hr flight later. And I took my first selfie for this post just before I showered ;)

1:27 pm JST, Narita International Airport
Just landed about half an hour ago, cleared immigration and now just waiting for boarding at the gates. I went to some shops and I saw some things I want to buy when I get back here in four weeks. I'm hungry and I might look for some grub.

7:23 am PHT, aboard Delta 172
Got settled in my seat, 63A. I'm almost at the tail of the plane so I only have one seatmate. This is probably my last update before Narita as I will be switching my phone to Flight Mode.

6:40 am PHT, 02-19-2014,  NAIA Terminal 1 Gate 10
Crew is now preparing for boarding, which will commence in about 10 minutes. I'll be sitting in 63A, as usual a window seat. Flight time to Tokyo-Narita is about 4 hours.

5:05 am PHT, 02-19-2014, NAIA Terminal 1 Boarding gate 10

I am now at Gate 10, counting the minutes  before boarding time. I think that Boeing 747-400 is my ride to Tokyo Narita 

4:06 am PHT, 02-19-2014, Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1
Just got inside Terminal 1 and proceeded to check in counter to deposit luggage. Inside the terminal was busy with activity. I can see that they started the much needed repairs of the terminal too.

Pre-departure activities were a breeze. Gone through immigration in less than 5 minutes too. Now going to Gate 10 to wait for boarding.

By the way, there's free WiFi inside the terminal. Just connect to the one provided by Globe Telecoms.

1:20 am PHT, 02-19-2014, Home

Finished packing. Carrying lighter luggage this time, only one small wheeled suitcase for check-in, and my Thule backpack for carryon. That includes several piece of business clothes and my office laptop.

Will rest for a bit, can't sleep anymore though, since I will have to be in the airport by around 4am. 

7:02 pm PHT, 02-18-2014, Office
I am trying to finish all my pending tasks before I disappear from my cubicle for 2 weeks. I was informed that I will add a  2 week business trip to St. Louis right after Mexico so that means I will be gone for a month.  I spent most of the afternoon doing the paperwork for my business trip.  I also was booked at a nice hotel in St. Louis, at Homewood Suites by Hilton. 

11:29 am PHT, 02-18-2014, Home
I already checked in for my MNL-NRT-SFO flight, using Delta Airlines's Android app. Very easy to use, and great for checking your flight status, accumulated miles, etc.


  1. Hi Kin,
    Got some questions.
    longer trip but lighter luggage. are you wishing you packed more?
    was the 2.6GB data plan enough?
    Ghirardelli? I love their milk chocolate (the only milk choc I really like)! If only SF was your last stop before heading back home. :-D
    Not loving the new theme since it still loads slowly for me.


  2. hello,

    longer trip but lighter luggage. are you wishing you packed more? -- actually I wanted to pack even less but the business trip was added on the last minute so I had to pack a few more shirts and dress pants, and my laptop and lugged them all the way to Cancun... :)
    was the 2.6GB data plan enough? -- yes, apparently so. I still havent reached 2gb yet and I'll be flying out this Sunday already.
    Ghirardelli? I love their milk chocolate (the only milk choc I really like)! If only SF was your last stop before heading back home. :-D -- I will be flying from Detroit, but I'll check if I can find one in the airport :)
    Not loving the new theme since it still loads slowly for me. -- I'm still looking for a better them. There are limitations on the previous one that's why I changed to this temporarily. you can use the mobile site if you want, just add "/?m=1" at the end of the URL. it will load faster.




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