Things to Consider When Booking Airport Parking

Things to Consider When Booking Airport Parking 

Leaving your prized possession in an unfamiliar environment can be quite unnerving especially if you are away for an extended amount of time. And worrying about your vehicle while away can lead to a stressful flight and vacation when you should be relaxing and making the most of your downtime. 

You shouldn’t need to worry if you have done your research thoroughly, and chosen the right parking services that suit your specific needs. 

One thing to note, is that there are fundamentals that you should look out for when booking your parking, so here are some of them, to help keep your mind at rest when checking your vehicle into a car parking facility. 

1. Make sure the parking services are secure With a reported 700,000 motor vehicles being stolen in American per year, according to a report by RMIIA, making sure your car is parked in a secure facility should be of paramount importance. Check the parking operators website to see if the area is patrolled by security staff and if they have CCTV camera onsite. If they don’t have these security measures in place, don’t leave your vehicle there regardless of however cost-effective it may be. 

2. Always pre-book The likelihood is if you turn up on the day of your flight without pre-booking your parking slot, you’ll have to pay an inflated price. Always pre-book parking spaces for the best deals with the recommended booking time usually a month before your designated date. It’s also worth noting that airport parking services are usually a lot more affordable than independent parking lots. These independent parking facilities often don’t provide the option for customers to purchase a set amount of days meaning they have to settle for a standard one or two week booking. Also, if you have to settle for one of the independent parking facilities they could be a significant distance from the airport resulting in you having to get additional transport to the airport. 

3. Opt for parking services that offer different parking options The beauty of using airport-parking services is that they are usually, as aforementioned, a lot more accommodating when it comes to specific durations. If you use independent parking operators you may have to pay for a bulk time such as a week or two weeks even if you only need the parking spot for 4 days. In general American airports usually have short and long stay parking options. This is also the same in Europe as Parking4Less states these services are also available at airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow in London. Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world while The Gatwick is known for being the world’s busiest single-use runway

4. Take advantage of valet services Coming back to a fully cleaned car is something that many travelers are now looking forward to as a raft of long stay parking services now offer valet packages. For the most part, valet services are affordable and the valets will make your car look as good as when you bought it.

image source: WIkimedia Commons


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