Live Blog: Everest Mountain Flight

Continuing my live blog of the Nepal trip. The big event for Day 4 is Mount Everest.

I am so paranoid that I might oversleep and miss my flight that I set my 2 phones to alarm at certain intervals. I woke up at 4:30 then dressed up quickly. I went downstairs to get a cab. The trip was uneventful.

I am waiting at the Departures area to wait for boarding. The flight was a bit delayed, by about 15 minutes.

And we boarded and ready to fly. We are flying in a BuddhaAir Beechcraft 1900, an 18-seater prop plane. It only has 2 rows, sp everyone can get a window seat. I was seated at 9A which is at the back.

We are now airborne. I am so excited to be in this flight. We are going a circuit, and my side of the plane will get the first sight of the Himalayas. The stewardess was handing out a graphic showing all the mountains we can see.

The view is spectacular! The scale of the Himalayan range is astounding. As we approach Everest we were called to the cockpit one by one so we can see Everest up close. We are flying at about 20000 feet

And there she is, the majestic Mount Everest, looming mightily in the horizon. It was breathtaking to see it right out there in the cockpit. This is the reason why I came to Nepal and I was not disappointed.

The plane turned around and we started to head back to Tribhuvan Airport. I took more photos on the way back, but I also stopped after a while so I can appreciate the view outside

We are back in the ground. The airline crew gave a certificate as we disembarked. After going out of the airport I went back to Thamel to get some breakfast.


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