Live Blog: Nagarkot and Bhaktapur

Continuing the live blog. On Day 2 now - currently in Nagarkot, then Bhaktapur and Kathmandu later.

We had breakfast at the hotel. The fog is still out so we may have to wait for a little longer to see the Himalayas.

Jeryc and I decided to walk and explore the village. Nagarkot is located around 35km from Kathmandu, with an elevation of about 1900 meters. If it weren't for the tourist activity the village would have remained sleepy. We met some locals along the way and went all the way to the bus station, which is almost at the edge of the village. 

The fog lifted for a few minutes just to give me a glimpse of why Nagarkot is the best place to see the Himalayas.

Finally, the money shot (the best I can do).

We left the hotel in Nagarkot. The car will bring me to Bhaktapur and then to Thamel for Erika and Jeric.

I arrived in Bhaktapur, which is the cultural capital of Nepal and a UNESCO World Heritage site. I hired a guide for 500 rupees and showed me to several temples located in Durbar Square and in Thaumadi Square. He also wanted to take me to several shops which I declined. I did buy a couple of prayer wheels for gifts back home.

I left Bhaktapur for Kathmandu.

In Thamel now, which is the main commercial district of Kathmandu. I went to a cafe for internet access. I will upload the pics later because the connection is iffy. I will also meet Erika and Jeric later for dinner.

I met up with Erika and Jeric and we went around Thamel to hunt for souvenirs. We also went to Momo Star for dinner. Of course I ordered fried bufallo momos, plus papad and yak cheese balls, washed down with Everest beer. I loved the food and I was so full when done.

After dinner we had a few more minutes exploring  the shops in Thamel, then we called it a night. I went back to my hostel to get the much needed sleep. Big day tomorrow!

G'night folks! Watch out for Day 3! 


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