Live Blog: Nepal

Continuing the live blog of the trip.

1:45pm NST
I just saw a glimpse of the Himalayas as the plane is preparing to land in Kathmandu. At first I thought it was a wisp of cloud, then I realized it is the mountain range.

2:15pm NST
We landed in about 2pm local time. Immigration was a breeze I got my visitors visa right away. I exchanged some money and got a cab to my hostel in Thamel.

I took some snaps of the city. Above are school kids leaving school.

I got to my hostel - Elbrus Home. I liked it. The manager was very nice and attentive. I will be leaving for Bhaktapur to meet Erika there.

From my hostel I got a taxi to bring me to Bhaktapur - a UNESCO World Heritage site - and from there, to go to Nagarkot. After agreeing on the price I got in and we set out. From there I managed to experience the traffic in Kathmandu. In one street there were people dancing, apparently to celebrate a wedding, which gridlocked the traffic on the street. There was also some traffic in the highway, which caused us to arrive in Bhaktapur past 6. It was already dark so I decided to just come back tomorrow, and set out to Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is a small mountain village which is a great vantage point to see the sourrounding valley and mountain ranges. The drive was ardous and long and I kept on thinking if I am paying the driver enough. We also have to stop and ask for directions to the hotel.

At last we arrived in the hotel. After paying the driver I met with my friends Erika and Jeff. They accompanied me to dinner, in which I had my first Nepali meal. Afterwards we went to the viewing deck to stargaze. It was amazing - the Milky Way was clearly visible. We also tried taking pictures.

Star pic by Erika
We will be retiring in a bit. We are waking up early tomorrow morning to catch the sunrise. The view was said to be spectacular.

5:30 am
We woke up early to catch the sunrise in Nagarkot but it's too foggy. It's about 6°C outside. 


  1. These pictures of nepal are great and gives an good outlook of nepal.....
    thank you for the information sir


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