Day 11: Back in Tbilisi

Day 11, back in Tbilisi.


Envoy Hostel, 9:30pm
Back at the hostel for some rest.

Chasnagiri, 8:00pm
The dinner and the conversation were great! We had veal, khinkali, eggplant with walnuts, and sausages. It was good to catch up and there was no experience to be had that is as authentic as this.

The dinner concluded at around nine, and I headed back to the hostel after saying our farewells.

Tbilisi Galeria, 7:15pm
I went inside the mall to get a gift for Desi's mom, whom I am also meetong tonight. When I got out of the mall I chanced upon Desi, who was walking outside. We went ahead and met his mom, (whom I met in St Louis; her son Anatoli was my former manager at work). We then went to a restaurant.

Rustaveli Avenue, 7:00pm
I continued exploring the area around the square.

Dunkin Donuts, 6:00pm
I was getting hungry so I made a quick trip at Dunkin. I also needed Wifi.

Freedom Square, 5:30pm
The site of various demonstrations including the Rose Revolution, Freedom Square was an important landmark in Georgian history. Around it are monuments and other important buildings, such as the Tbilisi City Hall.

The Bridge of Peace, 5:00pm
The Bridge of Peace is an interesting design, connecting Old Tbilisi to the new district. I walked to it, crossing to the other side. From there I got a cab to Liberty Square.

Narikala Cable Car, 4:45pm
Alas, the cable car ride was already closed when I got there so I have to go back tomorrow to experience it. I retraced my steps down to the old part of the town, then went towards the Bridge of Peace.

Narikala Fortress, 4:30pm
First stop was Narikala Fortress, which overlooks the city and the Kura River. It was established in the 4th century as a Persian citadel. It was a steep climb, but the view was worth it.

Envoy Hostel, 3:30pm
I arrived at my new hostel, which is located at Old Tbilisi, and checked in. I messaged my friend Gesi to make plans for dinner tonight. We agreed to meet at Freedom Square Marriot at 8.

I went to my room to settle in and also to take a quick shower. Then I went out for a walk. Anatoli sent me a walking map, which I may be able to use today.

Fabrika Hostel, 3:05 pm
I picked up the luggage that I had stored, then went to my new hostel via taxi.

Tbilisi Bus Station, 2:40pm
We arrived at Tbilisi bus station. Before alighting I paid the driver my fare - 7 GEL. It's much cheaper than what I paid going there - 40 GEL. I then found a taxi to take me to Fabrika Hostel.

Gudauri, 12:00
At exactly 12 noon the bus arrived in front of Dariali. I said farewell to Marie, then boarded the bus. We picked some more passengers along the mountain pass, then we continue on to Tbilisi.

Dariali, 11:00am
We settled here to get breakfast. I brought my pack with me so I won't have to go back to White Shino as well. I ordered a khachapuri, a Georgian cheese bread. Marie had a pastry with meat filling. We talked and ate our food until my bus arrived.

Shino Hostel, 10:00am
I woke up with all sorts of aches and pains - not enough to incapacitate me or something - but more of "I need a massage" situation. I originally intended to go to the ski lift early this morning but I may have to forgo that. Marie, my German roommate, suggested we get breakfast. I also have a 12 o'clock bus to catch.


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