Day 14: IST to AbuDhabi

Day 14 will be just mostly in transit. I am flying from Istanbul to Abu Dhabi.


Global Filipino Cuisine, 10:00pm
I found a Filipino restaurant! Finally, rice after 2 weeks of kebap and bread. I ordered caldereta (a kind of beef stew) and rice, and the Filipina owner gave me bulalo (beef marrow soup). I was so happy with the meal.

After eating I went to a supermarket to buy some snacks and drink, then back to the hotel to have a shower then rest. Next update is tomorrow.

Emirates Plaza Hotel, 9:30pm
I am checked in at the hotel for 2 nights. Not so bad, but there's a club downstairs so it is kind of noisy. I got down to get some food.

Abu Dhabi Airport, 8:00pm
We landed around 8pm. Long line at passport control but I got in with no issues. I changed some dollars to dirhams, then got a cab to the hotel.

Aboard Etihad A330, 5:30pm
Chicken or beef?

Boarding now. We are flying on an Airbus A330.

Boarding Gate 205, 1:00pm
I am just waiting to board the aircraft.

Ataturk Airport, 12:00n
We got in the airport around noon. I went straight to the check-in counter of Etihad. Afterwards, to the passport control, then to the shops to get some last-minute gifts.

The bus arrived to pick me up, then we are off to Ataturk Airport.

Cheers Hostel, 8:30am
I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed. I got breakfast then took a shower, then fixed my luggage. Afterwards I just hang out in the hostel lounge to wait for the minibus to the airport.


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