Day 15: Abu Dhabi

Day 15 is mostly just exploring the city, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.


I spent more than 2 hours inside the museum, then I called it a day. I won't visit the Sheik Zayed Mosque today, instead I will go there tomorrow before going to Dubai.

I went back to the hotel and was sort of cocooning there since afternoon.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, 2:00pm
There was a long line going to the ticket counters, and it took me about 20 mins or so to get a ticket. Once inside, it is all worth it though. The art works and artifacts on display are priceless. Like Hagia Sophia I will do a separate post for the museum.

World Trade Center Mall, 12:30pm
UAE is known for their over-the-top malls, and this one did not disappoint. I chanced upon a multi-adapter in a gadgets kioks, so I got one. I also got my caffeine fix in a Starbucks (as always, they mispelled my name).

After coffee I took a taxi to Saadiyat Island, to visit the Louvre.

Souk, 12:00am
I crossed the road from the beach and I ended up in a souk, albeit a modern, airconditioned one. I bought some postcards and stamps, and a magnet for my mom.

Abu Dhabi Beach, 11:30am
Had I known that I will end up here I would have brought my boardies. It's no Boracay but a beach is a beach, right? I felt silly in my jeans.

The Corniche, 10:30am
The weather is actually nice, so I continue walking to the direction of AbubDhabi beach. I stopped along the way a few times to rest in the benches.

Tourist Club Area, 10:00am
I started walking toward the direction of Corniche - the seaside boulevard in Abu Dhabi.

Global Filipino Restaurant, 9:45am
I got my breakfast here, tapsilog (maninated fried beef, rice and sunny sideup egg).

Emirate Plaza Hotel, 9:30am
I got down after a quick shower. I woke up a bit latr because the hotel is noisy at night (there's a club downstairs; will be sure to include that in my review). 


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