Day 7: Selçuk to Izmir to Istanbul

On my full week in Turkey. Nothing much happening today as I will be traveling, first to Izmir airport, then to Istanbul, before eventually flying to Tbilisi, Georgia.

I will be back in Istanbul after Georgia next week, as I am flying from IST to Abu Dhabi, so I will still be able to visit a few more landmarks (Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar for instance). Still, I'd say that this was a fun and at the same time meaningful trip.

SAW, 10:20pm
It seems there will be another delay (25 mins) for the flight to Tbilisi. Tsk.

Starbucks, 9:30pm
My card didnt work so I was forced to pay in USD but the cashier doesnt have change for $100 (bill is equivalent to $9). She took my smaller USD bills totalling $7 and forgave the rest. I embarassingly apologized.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), 8:55pm
I arrived at Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul. I cleared passport control and is now waiting for the flight.

ADB, 7:30pm
The flight was delayed for almost an hour. I think Pegasus is a sucky airline.

ADB, 5:00pm
Finally checked in. I am flying Pegasus Air today, Izmir to Sabiha Gokcen in Istanbul, then to Tbilisi. It took a while for the airline personnel to give me my boarding passes as they were trying to determine if I need a visa to Georgia (I told them I don't). Finally I Googled on my phone and showed them the results.

I am now at the gate, waiting for  boarding which will be in about an hour. Next update will be in Sabiha.

Adnan Menderes Airport, 3:30pm
I arrived at Izmir Airport. I can't check in for now as the counters are no open yet. Hanging out in a cafe.

Kugulu Park station, 2:00pm
I went to the Kugulu park where the bus to Izmir stops to wait for my ride. It arrived exactly at 2:20, and I am off to Izmir airport.

Corner cafe, 11:45am
After the mosque I went to the corner cafe to get some early lunch. I was curious about the "backed" potato so I ordered that too :)

After lunch I went back to the hostel to settle my bill and to wait for the time. I also made a video call to my mom.

Isabey Mosque, 11:15am
After the museum I went around the back for a couple of blocks to make a quick visit to the Isabey Mosque.

Ephesus Museum, 10:30am
The bus will be later in the afternoon so I'd have some time to  visit the museum. It was actually very impressive. Their collection is even better than some of the artifacts i saw in Met Museum!

Their collection covers from the Bronze Age to Hitite, Greek, Helenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

Boomerang Hostel, 8:45 am
I had breakfast at the hostel. It's cold out - around 4°c. Then I went to the travel agency around the corner to book a bus to Izmir airport. I then went back to the hostel to shower and pack.


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