Live Blog: Journey to Constantinople

I will be live blogging my trip to Turley, which starts today. I will be flying to Istanbul via Abu Dhabi. I will update the post as much as I can, and as I have done before, the latest post will be at the top.

Cheers Hostel, 8:00pm
I'm back at the hostel and resting for a bit and catching up on my messages and posts. I might sleep early; busy day tomorrow. 

Kybele Cafe, 7:00pm
I finally settled at this cafe to have dinner, which I got al fresco (may not be such a good idea, as it was cold outside. I got the kebab with roasted tomatoes. 

Gulhane, 6:30pm
I went around the area near my hostel to look for food. I also chanced upon a pastry store - Efezade - which sells Turkish delight and baklava. I made a mental note to come back and buy some before I leave Istanbul.

Hagia Sofia, 4:30pm
After check-in I proceeded to Hagia Sophia - the most important Byzantine structure in history. 
(See separate post here:

Cheers Hostel, 3:15pm
I arrived at the hostel a little over 3pm, and I promptly checked in. The location is very convenient - very near Sultanameth Square, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Tariq, the one in charge, gave me a rundown and warned me about touts and scammers. I changed into a fresh shirt after check in and proceeded to Hagia Sophia - the main reason I wanted to visit Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu Station, 2:30pm
I took the M1 line then changed to the tram line. There was a bit of confusion with the payment, but no other issue came up. The tram was kind of full - not Manila MRT full but enough to get bumped by other passengers.

Ataturk Airport, 1:00pm
We landed im IST a little before 1pm. Immigration was a breeze, got the stamp in no time. After that I changed some money and got a local SIM with data. I then found my way to the metro.

Abu Dhabi, 9:20am
We took off late from AUH because of some passenger seating issue. The airline changed the flight into a bigger plane, so some people complained after being seated differently. Other than that the flight was uneventful.

Abu Dhabi International Airport, 4:50am

Landed in Abu Dhabi, will have about 3 hour layover before flying to Istanbul. I'm at the gate waiting for the flight but went around the duty-free shops. Had an eye for some Ferrari merchandise.

3:00 am
My inflight meal: sausage, omelette and potatoes, with fruit and blueberry muffin.

My seatmates are two EU diplomats. We had an interesting conversation about Philippine politics.

Boarding now. I'm at 41K, windowseat. It will be an 8hr45min flight to AUH.

My next post will be in Abu Dhabi.

My ride is here - a Boeing 777 to Abu Dhabi.

9:00 pm
Done with check in and immigration part. The officer seemed to be a tad curious on why I am going to Turkey. Asked  me more than a few questions and even asked for my work ID. I saw some passengers got off-boarded too; felt bad about them actually.

After immigration I am hanging out in Starbucks until boarding time.

December 15, 4:30pm
I arrived safely in Terminal 1. I usually don't use this terminal - the last time was during the Japan trip. The checkin counter for Etihad is still closed so I have to find ways to amuse myself till boarding time.

December 15, 3pm
Finally my Uber arrived. I decided to go to the airport early as I am anticipating crazy traffic today - aside from a Friday, today is also also a payday, basically the last Friday before Christmas, and also most of office Christmas parties will be scheduled today.

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