Day 17-18 Dubai

Not a lot happened in the first 2 days of 2018, but some shopping and doing touristy things in Dubai.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, January 3, 3:00pm
I arrived safely in Manila, and this concludes the trip. It has been an epic 18 days - visited 3 countries and 11 cities and towns - from snow-covered passes to deserts and everything in between,  ate exotic food, got nekkid in hamams and baths,  made new friends, and had countless spills on the slopes. Everything has been amazing, and can't wait for the next adventure.

Thanks for following me here, folks!

January 2

Abu Dhabi Airport, 9:00pm
We reached the airport, and I got inside right away. Goong through immigration is now automated, no more stamps on the passport. I just got eye-scanned, and my passport too, and I am in the departure concourse.

I got some more last minute items from duty free and I spent my last dirhams buying a box of dates.

My flight is scheduled at 3am, and I scheduled to land in Manila around 3:30pm.

On our way to Abu Dhabi airport. I think this is a very convenient service by the airline.

Etihad Mall, 5:45pm
I was able to check in here and deposit my luggage. My shuttle is scheduled at 7:30pm.

Backpacker 16 Hostel, 5:00pm
I got my luggage and went back to the metro to go to Etihad Mall, which is across the Noor Bank metro station. I am taking the free shuttle to Abu Dhabi there.

I started to head back to Dubai Marina, then back to the hostel.

The Palm Jumeirah, 2:40pm
I reached the Palm Jumeirah terminal of the tram, and I ventured further by taking the monorail to Atlantis, a sea-themed theme park. I dont really intend to go inside for the rides, but the monorail ride is a good way to marvel at the artificial island along the Dubai coast.

Ibn Battuta Metro Station, 2:00pm
I left before I spend any more money, which is so tempting. I decided to go to Jumeira, and take advantage of the 1-day metro pass. Taking the metro is also a convenient way to see more of the city. Dubai really is a skyscraper city.

Beyond the Beach, 1:30pm
I found an O'Neill boardies on sale. Oh goody!

Jollibee, Ibn Battuta Mall, 1:20pm
I dont want to decide what to get for lunch, so I got the easy one - Chicken Joy and spaghetti.

Ibn Battuta Mall, 1:10am
I found myself in another mall called Ibn Battuta. It's funny how the renowned Moroccan scholar, who traveled to many lands during the medieval times (and probably becoming the first travel blogger in the process) is being immortalized in a consumerist haven. He even got a statue in the mall, riding an elephant to a place unknown. Maybe to the nearest Oakley store?

Check out is exactly noon. I asked the hostel clerk that I will leave my luggage and will come back for later.

Backpacker 16 Hostel, 10:00am
That was a long sleep. After waking I fixed my luggage and prepared my things, as I am checking out today.


January 1
Backpacker 16 Hostel, 9:00pm
I am back at the hostel, and I spent the rest of the.evening online, playing games and checking FB and Instagram.

Hollister, 7:00pm
Oh, a Hollister store, too.

Abercrombie & Fitch, 6:30pm
I thought I will have a bit of shopping money since I am not doing the safari thing, then I saw an Abercrombie & Fitch store. This won't be good for my credit cards.

Mall of the Emirates, 6:00pm
After Dubai Mall I went to check out the Mall of the Emirates.

Dubai Mall,  4:00pm
Feeling lazy I decided to just go to the mall. I hopped on the metro to Dubai Mall, which is adjacent to Burj Khalifa. This mall is huge! And ostentatious is the word that comes to mind to describe it.

First order of business is to get some late lunch. I headed to the food court, and bought some sandwich and Coke.

I went around the mall afterwards, and bought a small duffel for some items that no longer fit in my luggage.

Backpacker 16 Hostel, 1:00pm
So it took me a while to find the hostel. It's a good walk from the Internet City metro station and I took a circuitous route to get there.

I also had to wait for more than an hour before I can check in, so I went to a grocery store to buy food, then went back to the hostel to wait for the check in time - 3pm. By this time I was feeling tired and lost the interest to find a desert safari booking. Tomorrow's out of the question too, since I am going back to Abu Dhabi airport in early evening (safari's until 9pm). I did what every traveler would do - take a nap.

I checked out of the hostel, and will go to the other one. Hopefully they can help with the desert safari thing.

At the Top Hostel, 10:00am
A bit of bad news - there are no more slots for the desert safari. The hostel guy called the tour agency and they're fully booked already. Bummer. 


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