In Pictures: Caramoan

We go local (yet world famous) for this week's In Pictures: Caramoan.

One of the islands around the peninsula
A sleepy small town located at a peninsula in the province of Camarines Sur, Caramoan dates back to the early Spanish era. In fact, it was founded by a Spanish friar in 1619.

Jumping into the crystal-clear waters
If you're a big fan of reality TV then this group of islands is familiar to you. Portrayed as an exotic location with pristine beaches, azure seas and island wilderness replete with wild animals and dangerous sea creatures, Caramoan is the location of Survivor: Philippines, a reality TV show in the United States. The show features groups of marooned people that has to compete for their food, shelter and survival while in the wild. Caramoan became so popular that other versions of the show in several countries also feature the islands.

Docking in Caramoan port

There are plenty of things to see and do in the islands. Primarily you can rent a boat to hop from one island to another, with the boatman serving as the guide and cook.Aside from bumming around the white sand beaches (and there are lots of those), there are coral reefs that you can snorkel on, karst formation that you can scale, hidden lakes to discover behind limestone cliffs, mangrove forests to explore, and swarms of stingless jellyfishes that you can touch without getting a nasty welt.

At the picturesque beach
In the town itself you'd get to meet the friendly townsfolk, and try the sumptuous Bicolano cuisine (kinunot, a spicy dish made from coconut milk and stingray meat, is a must try).  

A baby jellyfish in Caramoan

Another sight to see is the St. Michael the Archangel, a baroque-styled church made from red corals, still stand in the main square of the town, a reminder of its Spanish roots.

The hidden lake of Matukad Island. The lake harbors a large solitary fish. 

How to Get There: 
Take a bus or train to Naga City from Manila (or plane, either to Naga airport or Legazpi City), then another bus to San Jose. From San Jose, take a jeepney or tricycle to the jetty where you can take a 2-hour boat ride to Caramoan town. You may also take a ro-ro from Sagnay port. The land route to Caramoan is not recommended.  

If you need a guide and accomodations, contact Rodel (+63.912.687.1654). He can arrange everything, from transportation, home-stays, food and banca rental. We paid PhP 2500 per person for 2 nights 3 days all in, including food, banca, room rental, and transport to/from the pier. 

Full guide and trip report here.


  1. hi! just wanted to ask, si sir Rodel, sya na nagarrange including your hotel accomodations no? tanong ko lang kung san yung hotel/tourist inn na inistayan niyo? and ilan po kayo? thanks!! :)


  2. Hi Christine, yup, Rodel arranged the accommodations, but we did not stay in a hotel. rather, we homestayed. I blogged about it here:

    We were five in the group, btw.

    hope this helps.



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