Hockey Game at the Ice Zone

I've been wanting to watch to watch a hockey game in the US, after I've watched a couple of professional baseball games in St. Louis, a soccer match between the Philippine team and the LA Galaxy, and an NBA game in the Madison Square Garden, but the timing is always off. There's a hockey game between the St. Louis Blues and the Anaheim Ducks in St. Louis last Saturday but I was in Chicago at that time.

The Blades goalie

When I got back to St. Louis on Sunday, I went to a mall called St. Louis Outlet mall to meet some friends, and it turned out that there's a rink inside the mall called the Ice Zone, and the Blues use it to hold public practices.

Though I did not catch the Blues doing practice there, I still got to watch a hockey game there. The teams competing, the Blades and the Capitals, belong to the Adult League. The league runs three times a year, in spring, fall and winter, and each season is consists of 8 games plus the playoffs.

Blocking the other team from scoring

Even though they were not competing in a major league, I still find the game intense and exciting, each team jostling over to control the puck and score, with players gliding over the ice with grace and power.

There were just a few people in the stands, some groups cheering their team when it scored or has attempted to make a goal. I really don't have a team to cheer, but I think I was a bit partial to the Blades. 

Jostling for the puck

How to Get There
St. Louis Outlet mall is in 5555 S. Louis Mills Boulevard, Hazelwood, Missouri.It is accessible through Interstate 370.

Useful Info
The St. Louis Blues conduct its free public sessions in the Ice Zone. The schedule of the practices can be found here

The Adult League teams and schedule can be found on this site. Games are held every Sunday night at the Ice Zone.


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