Adrenaline Rush: Boarding Gate 101 Turns One

Today's an important milestone for - the blog just turned one! Since starting as a photoblog and eventually morphing into a full-fledge travel blog, We've  made several thousand miles of trips to several cities - in the Philippines, Thailand and United States- since then. 


The year has been an adrenaline rush. We've experienced new and exciting stuff, like flying in an ultralight aircraft, flying over St. Louis in a helicopter, seeing a parked Space Shuttle in an aircraft carrier, surfing and bumming around several beaches, riding an elephant, sampling authentic Thai cuisine in a food tour, flying over Siberia (again), experiencing wintry weather in Boston, jumping off a cliff and lived to tell the tale, going inside a nuclear cruise missile submarine, painting the town red in Boracay, climbing up the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, seeing Lucy the T-Rex and the man-eating Tsavo Lions, getting awed by the thousands of mosaic art inside a basilica, visiting some more sights in our city, and trying a new extreme sports called fly boarding.

To recap the magnificent year, here are the highlights in pictures.

Durian in Bangkok

Surfing in San Juan

Sta. Cruz Island

San Sebastian Church

Ultralight flying in Angeles City

Barasoain Church in Malolos

White Beach in Boracay

Kayaking in Ariel's Point

St. Louis Union Station
Downtown St. Louis, from the helicopter

The Busch Stadium, from the helicopter

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Spirit of St.Louis, Missouri History Museum

Chicago skyscrapers

Cloud Gate in Millennium Park

Fifth Avenue, New York 

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Hatch Shell, Boston

Harvard University, Cambridge
Flying over Siberia


National Museum

Fort Santiago


Flyboarding in Subic

Even though we've been backpacking for several years now, I feel that I'm just starting. There are still many places on my bucket lists (and many that aren't but I'd probably discover along the way) that I plan to visit in the coming months and years. 

Of course I'd like to thank our readers and followers of this blog. Your support, comments and suggestions mean a lot to us. 

See you at the boarding gates!


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